Managerial Coaching

Consulting for Managerial Performance

SHINE works one-on-one with business owners, managers, and supervisors to help them understand and excel in their role. We provide tools for clear communications, critical thinking, decision making, and conflict management.

We can help in the following ways:

Building Blocks of Supervision: What is a Supervisor? Supervisory Competencies

Personal Competencies: Vision & Values. Principled Behavior

Organizational Context: Mission and Culture. Working with Stakeholders & Customers

Supervisory Styles: Temperament strengths and challenges

Recruiting & Hiring: Recruiting Techniques. Hire Hard, Work Easy. Interviewing Strategies

Problem Solving: Critical Thinking. Decision Making. Conflict Management

Effective Communications: Dynamics of Communications. Listening & Responding. Written Communications

Encouraging Performance: Assessing & Coaching Performance. Counseling & Discipline. Performance Appraisals

Action Plan Development: Personal and professional goal setting