Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You have the power to make or break someone's day

Are you a business owner, manager or a supervisor? If so, I know your days get pretty crazy with purchasing, strategic planning, taking care of customers, making payroll, hustling for contracts and a myriad of other important things that it takes to make a business run. But, do you ever stop and think of the power you wield?

Is she stupid, lazy, incompetent or disrespectful? Maybe, just maybe, it's you!
Your actions, your words, have power over those who work for and with you. It's a big responsibility knowing that people go home at night thinking about you - for good or not so good! When you stop and think about the experience others in the work place are having, do you feel good about it?

Let's take a quick inventory of your actions over the past couple of weeks. In regard to staff, how did you do with the following:

  • Give clear directions 
  • State your expectations
  • Provide tools for successful completion of work
  • Assess work performed
  • Give objective feedback
  • Follow through with commitments
If you did all of this well, then the impact you are having on your people should be positive. Staff should be happy and productive. The general attitude is positive, resulting in good production and little time loss. Yay!

What if you didn't do well in these areas? Well, your people are probably grumpy, nonproductive, maybe even undermining and subverting your efforts. What happens when you become frustrated with them for being stupid, lazy, incompetent, or disrespectful? You probably let them know it! And, I'm betting it isn't pretty! You may have thought this was because you hired bad staff. Probably not. It's more likely that they don't know what you want and don't know if you think they are doing a good job. 

It's time to realize your power. You have the authority and means to get your people back on track. Look at the list again. What if you could do all of this right. Yes, you're busy and all of this takes time you don't have. I say take time to make time. By putting in effort and setting good communication as a priority, you will come out way ahead in the long run. 

You have the power to make or break their day - make it good!
Do you need help saying what you need? Is it overwhelming thinking about taking the time to give good feedback? If you aren't getting your own things done, how can you consider taking the time to do any of the things you need to for staff? Well...let Shine help you. This is what we do best! Drop us a note at sahepler@gmail.com and we will give you 30 minutes to talk about how me might help you.

You have the power! Take advantage of a free 30-minute chat to see how much more power you can have!

Monday, August 8, 2011

A State of Acceptance...

But, Believing the Best is Yet to Come!

Lee Iacocca, former Chairman of the Chrysler Corporation, offers the following advice to people seeking to make life reflect their inner most desires, "The trick is not to die waiting for prosperity to come." What this means is the more you're clear about what you want, the sooner it will flow your way. No amount of wishful thinking without action will attract anything.

Another way of putting it comes from motivational superstar Zig Ziglar who tells us, "You cannot hit a target you do not have." Precision of desire is an essential ingredient to attaining our dreams." Simply to say, "I want to make more money or I want to lose weight or find the perfect mate" isn't good enough. One has to ask "how much money, how much weight and what is my perfect mate"? 

One thing I have noticed in my coaching practice is that some people tend to focus on what they don't want. While it is important to know what we don't want, it is essential to focus on what you want in your life.

I have witnessed firsthand shifts in people's "luck" once they learned this simple law. Positive thinking is important. But, the Law of Attraction goes much deeper than that, it's about emotions and feelings. The more you feel good about yourself and your life, the more you are going to attract good things.

Remember this though, as with anything else, there is a gestation period, so it's important to be patient and believe that there is something bigger than yourself working in your life for your greater good. Much has been made of the Law of Attraction in recent years. Building and maintaining a visual image of what you want in your life (instead of focusing on what you don't want) can be a powerful way to attract positive change and opportunity. Make a detailed list of what you'd like in your life. Sit down daily and visualize what your new life would look like and how it would feel.
Visualizing oneself at the end of the process can be a useful motivational tool to keep one focused on the desired result. But, as Iacocca and Ziglar tell us, nothing can be achieved without a clear vision of where one wants to be and a solid plan to make the dream a reality. This is where persistence comes in. The universe isn't going to make a dream come true, the dreamer is.

One must accept What Is before focusing on What Can Be. Rather than spending time focused on what you don't like about your life, wishing things were different, one must take stock of one's gifts and come to terms with the way things are. Only then can a determined person plan to move forward, making peace with what is while moving forward to what can be. This is called a state of Acceptance, accepting where you are today, but believing The Best is Yet to Come!

Authored by Life Coach Ellen Stanton. She is passionate about helping people. She is a firm believer that there is someone for everyone. Sometimes we just need a little help and hope, so we can move forward with our lives. Ellen is a personal and professional relationship coach, as well as a freelance writer with previous articles both in print and on line. Visit her website: www.stantonlifecoach.com.