Monday, October 31, 2016

Love: Her Secret Business Ingredient

Celeste Shaw

Co-Editor-in-Chief at Flea Market Style Magazine, Owner at Lucky Vintage and Pretty Things,
and Owner at Chaps Diner and Bakery

People crave my friend 

Really, they actually crave her. Men, women, and children - all can't get enough of Celeste. They cling to her like tacks on a magnet. They eagerly purchase her services, gobbling up everything in sight. And, after just a moment with her, they leave with big smiles on their faces.

Sure, she's pretty and trendy. There's always a fun vibe happening when she's around. But, that's not it. That's not what people are drawn to. There's something that emanates from her that people want to soak up.

It's love, baby!

Love is Celeste's secret business ingredient. One feels it when she puts her hand on your shoulder and looks you in the eye. Her face, her attention, is on you. You know she sees only you. When she holds you in a hug that's just a wee bit longer than most, you know you're treasured. Her love isn't limited to hugs and smiles. It's not all soft and sweetness. Love is the nuts-and-bolts that she uses to build her business.

That ain't love

You know when you've stepped into a business and you're not feeling the love. Like when you get that sense everyone is being herded along, as if you were one of many cattle. Next! Certainly it isn't love that you're getting when you've just spent a whole lot of money and you aren't quite sure what exactly you just purchased. Huh? How about that fake smile that drops when you don't buy? Ugh. Hovering, pushy sales people put off a lot of vibes, but I don't think love is one of them. As a customer, you know when it's not there.

Love is the secret

As a business owner Celeste knows that everyone needs to be acknowledged; all of us need attention and affirmation. She also knows people desperately want security and trustworthiness, so she extends love by providing products and services that are reliable, consistent, and fair. When Celeste greets a client she doesn't secretly see only dollar signs. She sees them as a member of her community, which to her is an extension of her family. Each is a person worthy of being treated with dignity and care. Giving love in this way doesn't cost Celeste anything. Whether her customers actually recognize it or not, they are feeling the love. And, they keep coming back for me. They crave it.

Shouldn't this be the way we treat all the people who we rely on to give us business?

If your business is suffering, if it isn't blooming like it should, try this. Step away from the bottom line for a bit. Take your focus off your profit. Rather, put in extra effort to treat your clients with attention and care. Give service that projects assurance and generates trust. Try love as your secret business ingredient.