Who's saying awesome things about SHINE?

Jim Connolly, Company President 

"Shelley  has consulted our company in the early stages of development when we were trying to set the ground work for the future. We have since added employees and increased our sales by 75% in a two year period. Her advice and guidance kept us focused in the right direction.

Our company sells products and services to golf courses and many of the products are unique to this highly specialized industry. Most consultants I have worked with cannot understand our products or how our company should be structured. Our product line, marketing approach, and staff are highly specialized in a niche market. Shelley was able to communicate with me and understand where I wanted to go with our company. She helped me design a plan to get there and provided keen insights to managing people worked with me to write a vision and mission statement.

Shelley would be a valuable asset to any company. I have no reservations recommending her for employment." ~Jim Connolly, President, Planet Turf and JCC, Ltd. Turf Consulting

Ellen Stanton Fosseen, Life Coach

"I would just like to thank shelley for taking the time to work with me. I feel like she has the knowledge and tools nessesary to help anyone bring positive change into their lives. After just a few sessions with Shelley I was able to better prioritize things in my life and in my business. I am confident that will have a great overall impact on my life." ~Ellen Stanton Fosseen, Stanton Life Coach

Genia Seghetti, Event Manager

“I have known many innovative thinkers and creative talent but none have come close to the brilliance of Shelley Hepler. She is admirably inventive, forward thinking and a leader who exhibits the drive to succeed. As a business professional Shelley holds herself to higher standards in the industry, is diligently results-oriented and takes pride in a job well done. Her copy-writing, website and marketing experience, work ethics and positive attitude would be a great asset to anyone who hires her!” ~Genia Seghetti, Owner and Event Composer, Mia Bella Eventi Productions.

Sarah Schoonover, Spa Manager

"My team and I have very much enjoyed Shine Consulting! The hands on and group participation have made our staff meetings fun again. Shine Consulting's experience and professionalism are top notch and we will continue using them in the future. I highly recommend this company for any of your training or coaching needs." ~Sarah Schoonover, Manager, Spa Paradiso

Amy Rose Connolly, Musician

"I recommend Shine Consulting and Shelley Hepler's services. I am a singer and songwriter and have had many dreams to publish and perform my music for many years. As a creative person, I have had difficulties defining and implementing my vision to become a reality.

Shelley has been working with me in the past several months and due to her coaching I have had an increase in bookings and developed a presence with publicity materials and advertising. She has helped me to create concrete steps which are enabling me to move forward with my dreams. I have connected with other creative people and am in the process of creating my second CD project.

Her insights and advice have broadened my connections and awareness of the help that is available to me in realizing my dreams of publishing and performing music. I am making progress due to her ability to encourage me to define goals and follow through.

Shelley’s experience and knowledge are extensive. Her broad connections and respectability with business people in this community are a huge resource to her clients." ~Amy Rose Connolly

Ravi Rastogi, Biomedical Engineer

"I met Shelley for a couple of hours in preparation for a job interview. The meeting gave me the extra boost of confidence and a sense of ease going into the interview. She caught on to my weaknesses quickly and pointed them out to me in a professional manner. Since I knew of these already, I know that if there were any other constructive suggestions Shelley would have told me about those as well. She very satisfactorily answered some of the mundane (but important) questions I had about my personal behavior and etiquette. Only someone in her position can provide an accurate third-party viewpoint that one won't get from close friends/relatives.

If you want to make sure that you have covered all your bases, I would strongly suggest meeting with her. I really didn't know what to expect from the meeting beforehand, but she was very helpful (and quick) in communicating via email prior to the meeting. After the meeting I received very helpful notes on the important things to keep in mind." ~Ravi Rastogi

Liz Ehret Re, Workshop Attendee

"Attended the workshop on Temperaments. I have been to lots of teaching on the 4 temperaments, and I just wanted to say that your workshop was the most enjoyable to date. You got everyone involved and communicating which makes it a lot more fun. Dividing us into groups and giving a project to do, really brings to life what is important about your temperament, and how to get along with and appreciate the other temperaments. Great job Miss Shelley!" ~Liz Ehret Re