Wednesday, September 26, 2012

God bless closed doors

"When one door is closed, don't you know, another is open." ~Bob Marley

I read something the other day that said the devil always comes looking good.

Oh boy, did that ever hit home as I recalled the few amazing guys, the dream jobs, and the really great opportunities that, upon closer examination, were not what they initially appeared to be. When I apply my rational judgment to one of these marauders, the veneer makes sense. Why would the devil (aka guy, job, opportunity) come looking evil and menacing? Of course not, the disguise is the hook!

Yet, how often do I actually use the piercing logic of mine, that skeptical part of my brain, when I really, really want what I see? Rationalizing and yearning set in. I just know it's Divine Intervention. Maybe it's that I'm finally getting what I deserve. Or, the power of my intentions is so keen I'm manifesting my dreams.

Admittedly, it's kind of pathetic.

There were times when I pushed and pushed at the door to one of these bad situations. And, after much effort, the door opened. Throwing caution and good counsel to the wind, I eagerly walked through, only to lament my foolish actions. Wishing that I had seen what was behind said beautiful door, I rued the day I committed to that path.

There were also times when I pursued a seemingly beautiful thing. Even after using all of my skills, powers of persuasion, or whatever good thing I possess, it wasn't mine to have. When the door didn't open to me, I chose to accept that it wasn't a good option. Yet, silly me, I pined and pined that it wasn't going to be mine

Oh, for goodness sake! What a waste of time. You'd think I would've learned by now that a closed door is more often than not a blessing! Seriously, just about every time I look back I see how the devil (yes...guy, job, opportunity) would have hurt me in some way.

The closed door was my protection.

To pursue a dream requires certain necessary steps to make things happen. It often means knocking, yes even pushing, at closed doors. Yet, it's a wise person who looks at those beautiful, closed doors and examines them for what they might really be.

How does one know when to push forward and when to pursue another course? Try these:
  • Seek the counsel of those who've gone before you. Talk with mentors and advisers. It's always a smart idea to piggy-back on the efforts of those who have already done the hard work. They know the pitfalls and what's behind the door. Listen to these wise ones.
  • Spend time in quiet reflection, pray, or meditate. Do you connect with a Higher Power? Examine your reasons for wanting that beautiful thing. Ask for direction and clarification. Listen to what is given to you.
  • Find an objective source that isn't influenced by their feelings. Counselors, coaches and consultants are trained to examine facts when facilitating goal actualization. They will also help you see your blind spots. Listen to their rational advise.
When a door stays closed, bless it and move on remembering that the devil always looks good and maybe this was one of those times. And, when that new door appears and is opened wide, you can be grateful you left the closed one behind.

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