Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hiring: It's a good thing!

"When I'm hiring a cook for one of my restaurants, and I want to see what they can do, I usually ask them to make me an omelet." ~Bobby Flay

You're in a bind. Business has grown beautifully, but there's too much work for your team. Everyone is doing their best, but it's overwhelming. Especially for you. You need help ASAP! 

Don't grab the first person with a pulse. I promise, the troubles you'll have in the future for poor planning far, far outweigh taking time to hire properly.

Hiring the right person for your position is like bringing in an extension of yourself to do the work you can't do alone. How do you make sure you're going to employ someone who will fulfill your expectations and get things done the right way? Let's take a look: 

There is a lot of work to do before you expand your workforce 

Question if you actually need a new position - Before you get started, make certain you are financially able to support an additional employee. Also, analyse your current team. Are they being assigned efficiently and are their talents and skills being utilized to the fullest?

Know exactly what you need - Take time to identify the job's essential functions. Then, note the key performance criteria. Are there specific skills and talents required to perform this work?

Formalize a job description. - Detail the specifics of the position based on the essential functions, performance criteria, and specialized considerations.

How much should you pay? - Do your research and base this decision on internal and external comparisons. One must ask if is the salary is competitive with the salaries and responsibilities of other positions inside your company, as well as similar positions out in the marketplace.

Attract qualified applicants - If you don't have a protocol for recruiting, utilize a recruiter  They will know the techniques of attracting and hiring the right person. Remember, advertising is not the only way to recruit.

Collecting and reviewing - Finally, this is the last preparation step. Once you have a good selection of candidates to choose from, begin selecting the most qualified people for further consideration. 

After clearly identifying what you need, you can now interview for the perfect match

The interview
- Interview at least three qualified candidates. Interview the candidates three times. And, have three people evaluate the candidates. This may seem intense. However, hiring tough and never lowering your standards will allow you to manage easy. 

Select the most qualified candidate - That may seem obvious, however selecting person solely because you like them or because they really, really need a job is not being objective. Make your selection based on the person's proven skills and experience that has prepared them to meet the requirements of the job description.

References matter - Always, always take time to check references before making a job offer. You never know what will pop up.

Hire the "right" person - After going through all of these objective and important steps, and you've done your homework, you should have a very clear idea of who's right for the job and will be a good fit with the team.. Now, go with your gut and offer them the position.

Congratulations! Hiring, it's a good thing! 

If you find you don't have the time or ability to conduct a thorough hiring process, SHINE Consulting is here to help you hire the right people. Just give us a call or connect via email  at

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