Monday, May 16, 2011

The voice of your past will only disqualify you from your purpose... but the call of your future will invigorate you to press towards it! ~Paula White

I was visiting with my mom the other morning. We were just talking about this and that when she shared about a young girl she is counselling (mom is a family therapist). Of course, she didn't tell me who the girl was, but she did tell me this sixteen year old had already made some pretty bad choices in her short life. As her court-ordered mental health professional, my mom was trying to get this kid to see that her life doesn't have to BE what it WAS!

Choices are ahead of you. Choices that will take you where you want, what you want, who you want to be! Don't look back, only look ahead. Set your eyes on what you can be and what dreams you came make into reality. 

Press on!

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